This App is a cute collection of wallpapers created with love by digital artist Peraroslaya Hanna (Ascha). You can choose any artwork PICS for homescreen of your iPhone, or change your lockscreen every time your MOOD changes.

Creation story
All started with the idea of having my very own App. Many people told me thats too complicated. But that just took lots of time, including some rough and some happy moments. From first Hello-World excitement and sudden hardware repair to long evenings of drawing the MOODS category.
I wanted to create some funny and some motivational wallpapers, like the ones to the eternal topic of keeping the diet. But even on a diet, we all stay kids, who like unusual and playful stuff. Thats why you wont find any boring menus in the App. But you can guess who lives inside the PICS sphere)

Special thanks to everybody who helped with a good coding and iOs installing advice during the creation process, we’ll go drink something tasty soon if people like the full version!


sincerely yours,
Hanna Perarolaya
aka Ascha, aka Pink Shark


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