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Ascha Walls is a very cute iphone App – collection of wallpapers created by digital artist Peraroslaya Hanna (Ascha Verypinkshark). Thats all about pink sharks, cute characters and a bit positive motivation.

Getting ready for the 2021 winter update! Just few illustrations missing!
Get all the cutest sharks here:




Hi dear everyone!
I`m a digital artist from former USSR and this is the App with my drawings.
I hope, those will be the cutest wallpapers you ever had on the phone and you will smile while unlocking it.

– What is “Ascha”?
– That is my artist name, I have created it as a teen while composing a story about spaceships.

– What do you use to create images?
– I use the Wacom tablet and Photoshop. Sometimes I make sketches on paper)

– Can you draw something for me?
– Why not? Please write your wishes on Facebook, Instagram or email.

– Why are there so few wallpapers?
– Wish I could add new wallpapers here more often! But the main work and a 2 yrs old baby are really against that))) I draw coolest things late at night when everybody sleeps. Please, forgive me)

your Hanna ( Ascha Verypinkshark )


  • Two categories of wallpapers:
    PICS (artwork fitted to your screen)
    MOODS (created with love to fit your lock screen)
  • All content is already included in the App
  • No one single stupid Ad in the app!
  • Share wallpapers with friends via Email
  • Already 61 hand-drawn wallpapers and new stuff coming with updates!
  • push the rocket to upgrade


  • all coolest hand drawn Ascha Walls in one App – 140!!!
  • personal VIP rocket

A calming video about my App: watch here

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